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A jewel in the kitchen. This wonderful recipe book you have your own culinary creations, grandmas family recipes and favorite recipes of your friends in one place. Categorize your favorite appetizers, salads, soups and party recipes. Finally the time of bits of paper is over! Create your own wonderful recipe collection of delicious ideas for cooking, frying, grilling and baking.

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✔ New: detailed guide / help
✔ Snap your own photos or choose from the gallery
✔ Star rating system
✔ Manage your favorites
✔ Search and find recipes
✔ Duplicate recipes and use them as template
✔ Create a PDF-File of your recipes and print or send it by E-Mail
✔ Create and manage your own categories
✔ Ingredients data including quantity and units
✔ Specify preparation or cooking time
✔ Detailed description of your recipes
✔ Integrated music player for existing playlists
✔ Find recipes based on ingredients
✔ Index of all recipes
✔ Browse the photo gallery of all recipes with pictures
✔ Send recipes by E-Mail or copy to clipboard
✔ Store recipes including photos as a backup in the iCloud
✔ Send the ingredients of a recipe as a shopping list to the "shopping list app" (if installed) Link to: Shopping List App

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